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Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Brian Stroub
by bstroub on 16 Mar 2024

I made a real-time representation of the wonderful concept made by Lee Yeonu Models total poly count: 281,983 Posing was done in CC4 and cleaned up inside Zbrush.

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This was my biggest project yet and I really learned so much threw the process. I learned new ways how to use FiberShop to create hair and feathers (and ways how to not make feathers in FiberShop...lets just say I had to redo them). I learned how to create materials for the lace and feather transition (on the back) in Substance Designer and it make a few basic functions. Also learned better techniques for painting skin in Substance Painter. I can for sure see how much I have grown over the past year and look forward to further growth and fun!

This next section shows how I made the lace material and also the feather transition materials.

Breakdown of the creation of the wings. Using FiberShop, I was able to paint out multiple layers of fibers in a way that mimiced clumping and fraying of the feathers. Toward the end of the process, I learned that a good tip is to only have one block per feather and just keep adding main scatters to represent different layers of the fibers and also the stem.

Blender I used the Blender hair tool for the Downys that cover the main structure of the wings. For the feathers of the wings, I manually placed each one after blocking them out. 

Here I have include the concept reference made by Lee Yeonu (

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