Beach shelter
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Beach shelter

by motionblow on 6 Jun 2019

A school project

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Update - 6 Jun 2019

Beach shelter

Johnny and Rita were skillful pilots who enjoyed flying across the planet looking for secret places and treasures to discover. But one day, as they flew over the indian ocean, they crashed close to a beach due to an engine failure. Luckily they survived the accident and built themselves this small shelter right next to the location of their crash.

All they had left was a picture of their dead dog Toby and a few books, which they gathered on the top a of a broken fridge - a tribute to their past lives.

Fortunately they discovered an abandoned resort nearby, which provided them a few pieces of furniture, amongst which they found a guitar, the only instrument to be able to deliver themselves from the burden of solitude.

A turntable done for school.

I chose to create an environment with an abandoned feeling to it, but if you take a look at the sketches you can see how much the project has changed since the starting idea!

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