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S.S. Serafinia
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S.S. Serafinia

Filippo Bonarrigo
by Syrinth on 5 Mar 2024

Model of a fictional ocean liner from the early 20th century.

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Update - 5 Mar 2024

Welcome Aboard. 

Hello! first post here, means a lot to me to start this journey in the industry!
I suppose I should start with something I genuinely enjoy researching and creating content about: Ocean liners!

This is the first time I genuinely try to reach a level of semi realism with my models, and so I decided to recreate the setting of a personal project, the fictional S.S. Belluno. A turn of the century ocean liner heavily based in appearance on the S.S. Arabic II!

The funnel

The superstructure (the white parts of the ship sitting ontop of the hull) are just blockouts for now, but i put in lots of time into modelling the funnel, probably one of the most recognizable feature of ships from the era.

My model still lacks some additional detail such as the hooks for the funnel stays, but those will be added soon enough.

The hull

One of the most important parts of a ship is of course the hull, with its curves and plating.
Ships of the era were not welded together like today, they were actually made out of long rows of metal plates kept together by rivets! 

While the rivets are not being added to the model at this stage, plating is what i am currently working on!

From bow to stern, the ship will sport some nice plating to add another layer of realism to reach the look i'm aiming for.

And that's it for now! 
This was a rather sizeable entry for a first post but I'm happy to share mt project and passion out on this platform, and thank you for reading it to the end!

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