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Visioni Realizzabili
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Visioni Realizzabili

"Visioni Realizzabili" (Realizable Visions) offers a utopian VR experience with a luminous point cloud, guiding spectators through post-human philosophies. It fosters reflection on a future devoid of power dynamics, prompting personal introspection and hope.

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Update - 28 Feb 2024

Visioni Realizzabili (Realizable Visions) immerses users in a utopian VR world represented by a luminous point cloud. Guided by a peaceful atmosphere and a narrating voice introducing post-human philosophy, users explore alternative realities where all forms of power and exploitation characteristic of the Anthropocene are overcome. This immersive journey prompts reflection on the self and aspirations for the future.

This is a collaborative project between Pierpaolo Grandinetti, Gianluca Rubino and Francesca Sonda made during "Multimedia Design III" in NABA Milan, New Academy of Fine Arts, 2024.


All the images are AI-generated with a custom fine-tuned model, the art is inspired by Female Pentimento.

Photogrammetry Process

We used the photogrammetry technique for the Abbey of Santa Maria di Corazzo in Calabria (Italy), with Polycam. Subsequently, we imported the glb model into Unreal Engine and began working with Niagara.

3D Assets Process

We found a solution to bring the AI generated images to 3D Assets, using a model to create 3d assets from only one image.

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