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2020 UAL animatic WW2 concept A lovers Survivor

2020 UAL animatic WW2 concept A lovers Survivor

by KyiRaymundo on 25 Feb 2024

An idea where a male couple (hidden) were recruited as soldiers. William (deceased) a sweet character, much like his loving family. Our main character (now married to Willaims sister with children) had always been bitter even with William, but he caring and meticilous in the way he showed affection.

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An unfinished WW2 concept of two male lovers who were recruited in war, seperated by ones death.

It is unfinished as it does not show the surviving males family, he came back from war and married his deceased loves sister, started a family and has grown old with them. The animatic stays a grey and cold tone until nearing the end of the animatic, his wife and children are infront of him as they have always been but now in the same sweet sepia tone as he remembers his love.

As this was made years ago, I do not have the documentation where I have written a script and the storyboards that explained the entire animatic. So I unfortunatly do not remember the exact reason his own wife and children are able to help him not be tormented by his past.

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