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Autumn Paladin
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Autumn Paladin

Tixidor Gabriel
by SirDandelion on 25 Feb 2024

Here is a personal project I'm currently working on, on my free time. I just finished the block out and I started to refine the pieces. I'll try to update the project every week and finish it for the Rookies Award. you can find the original concept here :

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Update - 18 Apr 2024

I had not much time to work recently so I was only able to finish this piece.

I'll have to add wrinkles to the fabric parts, but it looks pretty much like it was supposed to look.

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Update - 15 Mar 2024

And here come the details ! I finally (after our of videos and tutorials) managed to find how I'll bring this warrior to another level and this is how it should looks like at the end. I just finished the helmet and bring everything with a basic material and color to have a better look on of it should render.

Update - 25 Feb 2024

Here is the whole mesh. I just finished the refining part, the next weeks are going to be detailings and surfaces

The head's block out won't move for now, I'll try to focus on the armor and transform it into a game ready model before going any further with the head. As I want to present this model for the Rookies Award.

Here are close ups on differents parts of the model