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Kersk the alien
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Kersk the alien

Johanna E. Janeiro
by YoyoJ on 23 Feb 2024

Alien bust sculpted in Zbrush, using material composition, photobashing, mattpainting and manual paint in Photoshop.

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Update - 23 Feb 2024

Kersk the alien


The research focused on the upper body to create the future bust. The principal inspiration was drawn from references to the cobra, in particular for its voluminous head features. The customization of the character's skin was then gradually developed.


With a view to giving this bust a more pronounced personality while exploring a more imposing body stature to deepen my knowledge of anatomy, I thought it appropriate to opt for a mix of shapes, choosing to rely on the shape of the cobra's head as my main inspiration.

To refine my knowledge of anatomy, the bust was created from standard shapes before being iterated.

Several busts were made before arriving at a result that could be validated for the future. These various iterations enabled us to find more visually interesting shapes.

The blocking process took place in two distinct phases, initiated by a first Dynamesh to sketch the general shapes, followed by a second to refine and detail the contours with greater precision.

Fold tests were carried out on different layers, adaptations that were necessary before moving on to the next stage.

Various shapes were tried for the eyes, as we didn't necessarily want to give the final character an aggressive appearance.


Different color palettes were explored to define the aesthetic direction.

Preferring monochromatic shades, I chose a violet palette with masks for hollows and changes of direction, adding depth and complexity to the Polypaint.

The range of violet tones offers diversity for exploring different saturations and subtle nuances, also simplifying the process of working with a single hue and facilitating time management.

Some details during this process may not be fully visible during the planned iterations in Photoshop. As I also work with materials, it's important to stress that this bust doesn't need to exceed a certain level of complexity, given its specific context of use.



Although the application may seem similar to that used for the troll, each material is used in a distinct way, bringing diversity and deepening my understanding of the techniques specific to each use.

For future personal projects, I plan to incorporate more exaggerated forms, recognizing my current shyness in this approach. This project has also made me realize that anatomical precision isn't always essential, especially in fantasy worlds for creatures. I intend to continue this workflow with materials, seeking to improve it and create my own creations.

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