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Stanbell - 2D GAME

Stanbell - 2D GAME

Ulises Gimeno Edo
by UlisesGimeno on 22 Feb 2024

Project made in 2 weeks, my teammate was NadiaMT. The theme for the game was waves. We won 2nd prize and best adaptation for the theme. I am the main programmer of the game.

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-------------------------------------------GAME EXPLANATION--------------------------------------

Stanbel is a game in which you play as Britanny, a student at Stanbell High School, hence the name of the game. Abuse your classmates and rise to the top by facing your greatest enemy, greed and avarice.

Stanbell is a 2d platformer with metroidvania elements.

Download the game here: StanbellDownload




One of the attacks you can perform in the game depends on your physical microphone. By holding down the right-click button, you can scream into your microphone, and the louder you scream, the more damage you inflict. After a second, you release the audio wave you have generated.

Dialogue system

The dialogue system of this game is fully customizable, meaning you can choose the interface and portraits to your liking. It activates when you approach an object or NPC you wish to interact with. Pressing the 'E' key initiates dialogue, and pressing 'E' again advances to the next phrase. You can engage in conversation with the same object or NPC as many times as you wish.

Door/Room mechanic

The door mechanic in this game is fully customizable, allowing you to specify the areas where you want doors to be located. By pressing the 'E' button, players can transition to another room. This system utilizes two cameras and two teleportation positions to transport the player to another area, while simultaneously deactivating and activating cameras both outside and inside a room.

Double jump / Unlocking double jump / Key 

In a certain part of the game you would need a Double Jump to continue, so I made it that in the beggining of the game you can't do double jump and you have to unlock it by interacting with your locker you unlock the ability to do it.  I used this same mechanic to make it so you can't enter the boss arena unless you interact with a key hidden in the map.


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