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Titan beetle  - 2022

Titan beetle - 2022

Moniviphouset Phann
by circlephotoshoot on 20 Feb 2024

A project I did for my 2nd year at ESMA. I did it last year but I only recently had the time to make proper renders and lookdevs.

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Hello everybody, welcome to this little post for one of my school projects I did a year ago. Like every students at ESMA, we were tasked with creating an insect and so I took the liberty of creating a titan beetle in 3D as I am quite a big fan of beetles.

The goal of this project was to make something that's semi-realistic, going for an artistic approach in terms of lighting and a bit of a stylistic approach in terms of texturing.

I think throughout this project, the hardest part was making a believable environment and looking back at it now, I think I could've spent more time on the moss as they look very stiff and pastic-y. 

Layering and depth of field done in post-process plus a bit of grading at the end

Another thing that I found to be quite a challenge was actually getting the atmosphere I wanted as I am not an amazing lighter but overall I think I more or less got what I wanted.

Below are some lookdevs for the elements to see how the textures react to different lighting. I will be putting the insect in a different post as I don't want to make this too long

In order; Studio, clear sky, cloudy , forest, sunset.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look at this little post and at the little images I had put.

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