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Underwater Lighting

Underwater Lighting

Anais Hermann
by AnaisHermann on 19 Feb 2024

Create an image from scratch with the following theme: Underwater.

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In this group project, the theme was "Underwater".

We were free to design the entire image: staging, camera angle, subject, environment, lighting, atmosphere, elements, textures, etc. Three of us worked to create this image, but then we had to create our own lighting.

Some objects and textures like the treasure pieces, the chest and some rocks were modeled and textured by OLICHER Emma, ​​​​HATTE Rebecca and me. The hermit crab was entirely created by HASBROUCQ Gaïa for her own studies. The rest was taken from the Internet.

I chose to do day lighting, which is why because of the underwater depth of the scene, the lighting is weak and not very colorful. I added fog to give a sense of depth and create godrays and I also added caustics to give a more realistic appearance to the scene.

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