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The Toxic Lab

The Toxic Lab

sandeep shrestha
by NLSTurbo on 19 Feb 2024

After the MeetMat3 Contest, I wanted to know more about 3D field. learning everything i can :). here, i wanted to Share my practise project and some renders.

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Hi everyone, 
                          After the MeetMat 3 Contest, i started exploring more about 3D : Modeling, enviroment and lightings.

I love all Substance Apps and wanted to use Substance 3D stager for this project but due to High requirement of pc for this software , i couldnt use it and i started all the Modeling, enviroment and lightings practise in Blender. I used Blender and Substance Painter for this whole project.

Here, i wanted share Enviroment Renders.  I kinda wanted to show "Home: Science lab experiment gone wrong with some gas leaks''.  As i said, i'm new to 3D field and dont have much of a experinece but  jst wanted to share message that everyone can also do what u seek for, if u r intrested and self-motivated.

Some props were self-modeled and some of models were downloaded from Substance library, Free props with free license for portfolio. Some Texture were done in Substance and Some in Blender.

Here are some Renders from my practise project.

This was the first thing i made in stager.

Later, took it to blender, learned some and improvised.

Currently, trying to Improvise on the Table and Textures. Will be updating some renders and improvements.
hope u guys will like it and give feedback and ssuggestion. Thank u .

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