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Érika Bazhanov Arakelyan
by Eroskyi on 19 Feb 2024

Game developed as a fast Florida University's project where we had 11 days to develop a 2D platform game. Ricardo Zoel Molina Gandia has been the programmer of the videogame. I worked as the game designer and visual artist (Game UI... Scenario.... Character (+ animations)...) All the audios are free to use!

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· Thalassophobia is a game that will transport you to another world, one with very little color, specifically greens and reds in a sinister but peaceful environment where you’ll meet our protagonists: the wolf and his puppy.

It is well known by many people that animals are capable of having phobias, so after the loss of his little puppy in the scary, dark and wet cave, that one where you can’t even see properly and smells like 100 dead bodies, we will discover the irrational fear of the wolf by the bodies of water, this generates that as the protagonist advances through the cave his sanity decreases and begins to generate monsters in his head as if they were nightmares...

As he advances and defeats the monsters his sanity increases, but if he’s hit or takes too long to defeat his fears he can "drown" in his own thoughts causing him to have hallucinations until he can't resist and wakes up again at the beginning of the story, on the other hand, if he manages to overcome his fears with a sanity lower or higher than the 50%, it would show us 2 different endings, a happy one in which he would meet again with his puppy and a sad one where he manages to leave, but even everything seems very nice, he is sad waiting to meet again with his little one, eaten by his fears, with the water sound surrounding his ears.



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