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David Aittenborough Presents The Spur Tailed Screamer

David Aittenborough Presents The Spur Tailed Screamer

Chris Alsop
by alsop89 on 18 Feb 2024

A short video I made to explore more an almost free pipeline! Had good fun doing it. I had to dip into Ai for the voice, as my impression of David Attenborough isn't great!

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've finally finished this (slightly overambitious) personal project

Had a lot of fun working on it, seeing what I can squeeze out of an almost free pipeline Zbrush>Blender>Mari (non commercial)>back to Blender>Nuke(non commercial) and finally back to Blender to add the sounds and generated voice!

I filmed the shots (apart from the overhead) using my phone, then used meshrooms free photogrammetry stuff to recreate the trees to place into the Blender tracked footage for animation placement and shadow catching

All in all it's been interesting to work on and I'm pretty happy with how it came out!

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