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Cedar's Abode (2023)

Cedar's Abode (2023)

Cal R. Spencer
by gurichya on 13 Feb 2024

Made in 2023 as part of a JMC Academy assignment. A fully rendered environment scene, along with indoor and outdoor thumbnails.

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Cedar's Abode consists of a rendered scene and 2 sets of environment thumbnails designed with my hippie half-orc character named Cedar in mind. 

For this project, it was my first attempt trying to inject character and purpose into the background itself, rather than a background simply made to accessorise a character-centric artwork. Through this I had sort of an epiphany about the importance of environmental storytelling, and realised that backgrounds don't have to be something that I dread, they can be characters in and of themselves!

Fully Rendered Scene


Environment Thumbnail Exploration

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