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Hunt Showdown Ammunition Box Fanart

Hunt Showdown Ammunition Box Fanart

Elisa Binz
by ShapapK on 13 Feb 2024

This project was made during a class surpervised by Axel Drouault at Artside School. The objective was to model, bake and texture an ammunition box based on Matthias Wagner's work.

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Hey ! Here's a project done in october at Artside, during a class supervised by Axel Drouault ( and based on the work of Matthias Wagner ( for the game Hunt : Showdown.

I had fun modeling, texturing and animating it ! It was a bit of a challenge to rig and animate it, but it was fun ! I'm sure I still have a lot to learn about it but i'm quite happy with the result :)

Here is a turntable aswell as an animated version of the box !

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