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Texturing of the Stradivari "Huberman"

Texturing of the Stradivari "Huberman"

Elisa Giannoni
by ElisaGiannoni3D on 12 Feb 2024

Hello everyone! Here's my new project! It's been amusing recreating the wood by layering different masks. I made this project while I was working as assistant at Skyup Academy. Many thanks to Mauro Baldissera and Chiara Rovoletto for the reviews that led me to improve my project!

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I started with downloading a 3D model of a violin and then I adapted it to look like my reference: the "Huberman" Stradivari, a violin made by the famous liutant in 1713 and which takes its name from Bronislaw Huberman who owned it between XIX and XX century.

The first thing to do was collecting  all the references I needed both of the specific violin I chose and other violins and their parts to analyze more in depth how the construction of the instrument influeces the final look.

I also had to find lots of photos of the "Huberman" since I wanted to recreate all the colour variations and the scratches which characterize the instrument.

This is the final look of the violin in Substance 3D Painter

The following part of the instrument was the most difficult to texture since I had problems with the UVs unwrapping, so I had to use tri-planar projection to overcome the bad UV mapping.

Then I started to study how to make a little environment to valorizr the violin renders and I decided to add a velvet chair with a satin drapery over it. I made the drapery in Marvelous Designer to easily gain a realistic look for the folds.

Eventually I made some colour tests in Maya to decide which was the combination that valorized the violin the most. I also added V-ray fur on the chair and the drapery to make them more realistic.

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