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Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

by HaydenMcManus on 11 Feb 2024

This assignment was done over 7 weeks and is meant to be a playable environment with every prop building and piece of foliage made by us and within a tri limit. 30k for buildings, 5k props, 3k small foilage, and 20k tall foilage. textures were limited to 2048 texture sets with 512 texel density.

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In the early morning hours, fog sits heavily over this once-calm countryside, which is now scared and battered by the brutality of man and his endless need for power and territory.

my teacher Nikko and the Game art community were invaluable in the creation of this project. an absolute goal of mine was to match the quality of the textures and models found in Battlefield 1.

This project was a massive-scale challenge since I had never used material displacement, landscape tools, foliage, or substance design in a massive-scale project like this. I learned a lot about how I work as an artist from this where I need to take risks and where I don't need to take risks, this assignment was perfect for what I needed for a project. I know from this project that I need to scope myself back and focus on the things that matter like modularity and texture detail. I also know that from this project I enjoy set dressing and making the environment feel lived in.

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