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"Jester Drake" 3D Recreation

"Jester Drake" 3D Recreation

Tallee Klewicki
by talleeklewicki on 8 Feb 2024

This project was the final Submission for my Foundations Term at Think Tank Training Centre Online. I'm pleased to share that this project was awarded 2nd place in the scholarship competition, and would like to thank my Mentors and Peers for supporting me through this project.

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Final Render + Comp

About This Project...

I'm proud to share my term 1 final project for Think Tank Training Center Online. For this project, we were asked to find a 2D concept and recreate it in 3D. The original concept was illustrated by Milica Celikovic a.k.a MILICRAFT, a phenomenal artist that I greatly admire. I completed this project in 28 days using Maya, ZBrush, Mari, V-Ray, and Photoshop.

I spent approximately 50-55 hours per week on this project, totaling around 200-220 hours, while also working a full-time job. This taught me the importance of balancing tight schedules and making necessary sacrifices when facing a hard deadline. While this isn't a perfect 1:1 recreation, it is a display of what I can do under pressure and I am happy with the final result.

My favorite part of this project was exploring ZBrush for the first time. I had played around in Mudbox and Nomad previously, but I felt that this project called for something a bit more robust and I am so happy that I made the leap over to this industry-leading software.

Thank you to my supervisors, mentors, peers, and Mom for providing feedback on the things that always CBB. You guys are the best.

This project was awarded 2nd Place in the Think Tank Training Centre Term 1 Scholarship Competition.


Comparison between the original and my final 3D Recreation

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