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Finding Identities

Finding Identities

Zhang Wenting
by wenting on 6 Feb 2024

Expressing different personalities, moods, and emotions through different sea creatures in the virtual world.

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Jellyfish’s one keyword is Adult Jellyfish( like Medusa). Another one is Immortal, which means Cycling cell. This life cycle reversal can be repeated, and in perfect conditions, it may be that these jellyfish would never die of old age.

The digital garment design is based on the marine life jellyfish translucent characteristics, so the design of the costume fabric also adopts transparent material, and will produce different colour effects in different environments. The headwear comes from the keyword, Medusa.


The second digital garment design is based on the marine life Bryozoans, a creature that is naturally small and needs to protect itself from the outside world, so the material of the costume was designed with the movement of the character in mind while expressing the effect of self-defence.


The third digital garment design is based on the marine creature Decorator Crab. Decorator Crab's keywords are Elaborate disguise and Colorful. Many species of decorator crabs collect and arrange materials from their environment to fashion elaborate disguises - sometimes even using living creatures. To help facilitate their grand designs, their carapace (hard upper shell) is covered in small hooks known as setae. These allow the animals to affix seaweed, anemones, sea urchins and anything else they collect that could be useful camouflage within their local environment. Therefore simulating the feeling of hair on the fabric of the costume. The colors are also bright and shiny.


The fourth digital garment design is based on the marine life coral. White, dead coral colours were chosen to simulate the look of a coral reef. But at the same time, she was given elegant dance movements, wanting to express another kind of aesthetic evoked by death, which she is unique.

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