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Character Rigging & Motion Capture

Character Rigging & Motion Capture

by abdulalborasain on 3 Feb 2024

In this projects it describes the process of rigging a mesh using Maya and then using motionbuilder to implement any desired animation files from mixamo for example. After that everything is exported to Unreal Engine 5 to create a video level sequence.

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I was introduced to rigging using Maya with CG Spectrum. This viking mesh was provided to perform the rigging process. I learned that the process of rigging was creating a skeleton for any desired mesh by using joints. This allows us to mainpulate and animate our mesh. After that is done, we bind all the joints to the mesh to start painting the skin weights. We perform this process to have the mesh look smooth, even, and believable with any kind of movement. After all that is done, everything is exported to motionbuilder to implement any desired animation to the mesh. Finally all the required files are exported to Unreal Engine 5.3 to create a video level sequence with all the tools provided to create this video.

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