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Lip Sync

Lip Sync

Luke Shears
by LukeShears on 2 Feb 2024

BA2a Lip Sync: For this project I created an animation using the November competition sound file from the 11 Second Club. Focusing on character acting and lip sync to create a fluid animation.

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Researching how films frame two characters to inform my animation's composition.

Study expression of Gear 5 Luffy from One Piece. I really like how expressive his face is and how the animators will use Looney Tunes inspired facial expressions.

Expressions studies of Omni Man from Invincible.

Lip Synching studies from animator TM Wilson. 

Rio Morales expression studies from: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movie.

Mouth chart I created using myself as reference. Doing this helped me because I could understand how the mouth moves when saying different words and it allowed to create a more realistic mouth shapes.

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