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Finn Son

Finn Son

by zulluca on 2 Feb 2024

I challenged my self to design a young boy who's fascinated by magic and somehow became a warlock with one of the most powerful wizards as a patron. A Cartographer with a genetic love for nature, traveling through worlds and fighting evil forces. Finn has been my D&D character for almost 5 years now, here he is.

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Finn Son (and Edward)

Costume Design

The Wizard hat was a must. His fascination with magic has led him to aspire to become like the wizards closest to him, even if he isn't one.

The outfit is meant to be adventurous and practical. Easy access to his tools and materials, and enough space and security for arcane maneuvers. The character is part of the local magic school, having the formal aspects of a school attire. 


Middle finger, hand on the left :
 The Protector's mark. A symbol of his patron's power.
 Originally a common tattoo, a god's blessing enhanced it. It now works as a map of the worlds, shifting and expanding, waiting to be explored. On the edge of it is a scar from a ... failed heart carving incident.

Other Iterations 

Early explorations were quite challenging, trying to find a middle ground between the formality of school attire and adventurous life. 
The first designs had actual plants incorporated, instead of plant decor in the clothes. However, it will be something that will have to be explored in the character's powers and abilities in favor of a less druidic design.

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