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Gothic London: Tailor's Scissors Weapon design

Gothic London: Tailor's Scissors Weapon design

Holly Knight
by Knightsconcepts on 31 Jan 2024

The 'Gothic London' Project is a game development concept involving the design of aliens, characters, environments and props. Watch me improve and learn as I go through this game design and concepting process.

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For my 'Gothic London' game design personal project, I knew I had to spend a bit more time on my character's weapons. Being that he was a steampunk style Taylor before the Alien apocalypse, I thought it'd be a cool practical and believable idea if he took his tailor's scissors and split them apart to use as daggers/knives.

I went through a few ideas of what he could use to defend himself whilst I was designing him. My other ideas included:

-Using a tape measure as a lasso

-A complex glove rig that had fabric pins placed in the finger tips like cat claws

-Giant fabric scissors

-Him being more sneak centred and not having a weapon at all.

I ended up using a lot of rounded shapes for the scissors due to how unsuspecting and generally ornate they would have been prior to their infinitely more violent usage. They hint to a time before the chaos that immerged within this alternate reality Game concept and give an odd sense of elegant calm.

During my time researching tailor's scissors, I found that there was indeed a practical use to the gaps/notches cut where the blade meets the handle of the scissors. This is where your index finger is meant to rest. Keeping that in mind, I added rings instead of notches to serve this same purpose.

The flat notches on the end of the circular handle of the scissors is to help the scissors glide against a surface when cutting through fabric in a particular cutting position.

Very interesting stuff.

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