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Hand-Torch (Gun) - Weapon Concept

Hand-Torch (Gun) - Weapon Concept

Jonathan Alderman
by RRRIOM on 29 Jan 2024

A weapon concept created as part of my "End of Days" university project, where I seek to build up an array of apocalyptic weapons and props.

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Hand-Torch (Gun)

Assembled from a drink can, petrol pump and a stove lighter, this one handed portable flame thrower uses recycled biofuel to purge any remaining traces of Fever in infected hotspots.


This concept belongs to the G.S.W / Gatehouse Science Wing faction; an organised group of scientists and chemists working under the greater Gatehouse banner who are responsible for testing different methods of eradicating the Fevered threat whilst also producing biofuel from the remaining Fevered bodies to use in infection clean-up and trading.

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