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Diorama Hipster: Immersion in Vintage Vibes

Diorama Hipster: Immersion in Vintage Vibes

Donato Navas
by DonatoNavas on 20 Jan 2024

Hello everyone!! I'm Donato, and this is my first photorealism project where I've recreated a diorama with a touch of hipster vibes. I hope you like it.

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Hello everyone!! I am pleased to showcase my latest personal project for the 3D Photorealism module at Skyup Academy. In this context, I was tasked with faithfully reproducing a diorama, and I am happy to share both the achieved result and the creative process behind it. :)




This is the reference that was assigned to me. I found a photograph on Pinterest provided by my supervisors. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a higher quality image. However, I began by conducting a search to identify the objects. It wasn't difficult because they are all common everyday items.


At the beginning of the blocking phase, I immediately encountered difficulties in accurately reproducing the original perspective of the image. However, after several attempts, I found a good compromise to make it as close as possible to the reference. I then began blocking the model in Maya and modeling each individual object.


Subsequently, I immediately delved into Adobe Substance Painter, initiating the texture creation process. Initially, I categorized the objects into groups such as metals, non-metals, and glass. However, I encountered some difficulties in grasping how to make my project more realistic and aesthetically pleasing. As the work progressed, I gradually gained a deeper familiarity with the software.

This phase of the process proved to be my favorite, perhaps even pivotal in identifying my future specialization. Above all, I found great satisfaction in envisioning how the object could appear realistic, flaws and all



Thank you all for watching; I hope you enjoyed it. If you'd like, please leave a like or a comment.

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