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by MeganDunn on 16 Jan 2024

This is the final project that I created for my final year of study for my HND in VFX. I was tasked with modelling and animating a Pokémon to look realistic.

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This is my final project for the last year of my HND in VFX.

For my project I had to pick a pokemon and model and animate it loyal to the style in the original show. I was tasked with making the model realistic, similar to the style in the film 'detective pikachu'. I decided on Lombre.

These are the references that I used for my model.

3D Modelling 

I used Zbrush to model my character.

These process views show the process that my character went through. I began with basic shapes to help me  understand the anatomy and to allow more room for error at the start. When I figured I had a good basic shape, I went on to add details.

These are close ups of the skin details. I didn't put too much focus on making the model very detailed because the model was only going to be seen from a distance in the scene. I wanted to give the characters skin a texture similar to a frogs skin because that is what I feel he is very similar to

This video shows how I played around with blendshapes in Zbrush.

I brought my model into Maya and I completed this weight painting before I rigged my character.

This video shows my full working rig that I used to animate.

The scene I used was of a local skatepark. I completed the camera tracking in NukeX and then brought the scene into maya. I created my own graffiti and made a block animation in Nuke. 

I rotoscoped a fence so that my character would be able to move behind it.

This is my animation from a sideview in Maya. When I completed my animation I brought it into NukeX and completed final edits in there.

This is the scene layout in Maya.

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