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Gotham's Veiled Vigilante

Gotham's Veiled Vigilante

Lee Sing Yeng
by leexy on 16 Jan 2024

This project for my school assignment involved modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, rendering, and compositing. I covered various aspects to create a comprehensive and well-rounded final result.

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Concept idea:

In the dimly lit alleys of Gotham, Batman seamlessly merged into the darknes, a vigilant silhouette amidst the city's decay. When that light hits the sky, it's not just a call ... It's a warning. To them ... 

After watching 'The Batman' in the cinema, the movie instantly became one of my favorite DC films. Inspired by it, I aimed to recreate a scene featuring Batman walking in the alleys of Gotham, with the iconic bat signal shining over the city.

Work in progress  render layers: 

"Fear is a tool. They think I am hiding in the shadow, but I am the shadow. "  - The Batman (2022)

For this project, I generated two additional moods by manipulating the color channels of each render layer in Davinci Resolve.

Watch the full video and work in progress reel here:

Batman Turntable:

Thank you for watching!

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