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Scumbag Steve character for 2D game

Scumbag Steve character for 2D game

Merja Kuurto
by merjakuurto on 13 Jan 2024

I designed a meme character Scumbag Steve for a 2D game. The character was a enemy character. I also did the character animations and here is a little preview from that!

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"The Memenator" 2D game project - Scumbag Steve character design & animation

Here is the process view from the original Meme photo to Illustration. Our visual style was based on Clip Art. 

I first started to make a front view and with the help of lines I designed the sideview for the game. 

Then I finished the character design in Photoshop and separeted the pieces. In Unity I used the skinning editor to create bones for the character.

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