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Daka from Berserk (WIP)
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Daka from Berserk (WIP)

Adriano Soldati
by MrSoldout on 9 Jan 2024

A full figure rendering of a Daka from Berserk

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Update - 4 Mar 2024

Retopology and UVs done. This took quite a while because I ha to try different solutions to make the armor look good.
As usual I started with the loops that are necessary for anymation, and then slowly filled in the rest.
I decided to go for a fairly dense model, following the polycount for fighting game 3d models, I kept the model at around 70k tris

For the UVs I separated them in 3 texture sets for face, body and clothes and manually laid them out

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Update - 31 Jan 2024

This boy is looking good (?), all the details have been added, so I consider the sculpt finished.
I can't wait to start texturing him, but first I'll have to do some retopology here and there, especially on that nasty armor

And as if nails and fangs were not enough, these guys are armed with some otherworldly looking weapons just to make them even more terrifying.
That is, only if you don't have a giant dragonslayer sword with you, in that case they're as threatening as a bunch of toddlers ganging up on you

Update - 12 Jan 2024

More progress on the face and upperbody muscles, teeth placement (will make it more asymmetrical later) and a base horn that will later be modified

For the armor I created a single plate, multiplied it into a strip and then used Curve Bend to wrap it around the body, then duplicated for each row. Could have also used nanomesh, but I decided to try something different

Update - 9 Jan 2024

This project started as a 30 minute warmup sculpt one day and then took a life of its own.
A Daka is a breed of demons in the Berserk universe, created by the evil Kushan emperor from some unholy ritual that I won't get into for the feint of heart.
They're humanoids that come in many shapes and sizes, with misproportioned limbs and horns growing all over their bodies.

This is the intial blockout when I decided that I'd be taking this project until the end. No basemesh or Zspheres were used here, it all started from a sphere.

I gathered the majority of the reference material from the manga, and luckily I also found a pretty high quality statue that was produced