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Water lily Nymph

Water lily Nymph

Alice Cassanmagnago
by alister on 8 Jan 2024

The project is based on the complete realization of a character, from concept to animation. I carried out this project to observe all the stages that follow the creation of a character. Below are explained the various phases of the project's implementation.

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Water lily Nymph

Groom render

Mesh render

3D model


started this project with the goal of creating an animatable character from scratch. I began by drawing the character on Procreate.

Subsequently, I moved on to modeling in ZBrush. At the time, I still believed that my computer would support XGen's dynamic, and I had not done the hair.

Later, I switched to Maya, refined the retopology, and created the UV maps. 

It was quite challenging.

At the same time, I created the clothing using Marvelous Designer and the corresponding UV maps.

And now, what about the textures? I then transitioned to Substance. I used exploded models to bake the ambient occlusion, and in Photoshop, I refined the normal textures, also utilizing the normals created initially in ZBrush to enhance detail in specific areas. Once the textures were completed in Substance, I returned to Maya.

While I was working on creating the grooming (little did I know that it wouldn't work during animation, and understandably, I didn't think to test it), my friend Emanuel Barros created the character's rig. (He, too, was unaware that he would soon have to rig the hair meshes as well.)

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