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Studio II TerraTales - 3D environment art

Studio II TerraTales - 3D environment art

by BellaRoberts36 on 4 Jan 2024

For studio II I worked on a project called TerraTales, making the 3D environments for the Crystal cave, the campfire, the city and the cathedral in unreal engine. these backgrounds were then used for the animated shots for the trailer of the game.

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first task I did for the group was to create a campfire scene.

- ideation/rough blockout (minecraft)

And then a blockout in Unreal engine

The team leader offered me feedback with both of these. He was happy with with the quick blockout I threw together in minecraft, and was generally relatively pleased with the rough blockout completed in Unreal, so I proceeded with the refinement

The team leader offered some feedback regarding the integration of the logs into the scene a little better, and suggested I balanced out the left side a bit better (the latter of which I have since addressed). Moving forward I will be focusing on adding the finishing touches and the lighting of the scene.

The mannequin will be deleted and replaced with the actual character models for the final shot, but over all the project lead was pleased with the result.

Cave blockout and layout

The assets I had sourced for the cave did not lend themselves very well to a block out, so I kind of jumped straight into making a layout by building it up in "layers", first adding the general structure of the cave, and then adding progressively more details to the scene to breathe life and interest into it.

More details added, crystals, plant life, rocks and boulders on the ground

Crystal light emission adjusted, overall scale adjusted to better fit with character model

City blockout (minecraft)

This is a very rough block out I did in Minecraft for myself just to get a better understanding of the scene and how to go about building it in Unreal, as well as what assets to look for the city.

This was then translated into unreal using pretty much exclusively cubes, and in this block out I intended to map out the height variation in the landscape and general placement of the structures.

Sculpting the landscape to match the blocked-out topology, water texture added

Landscape without the block out

These are the village assets I have found so far, I am planning to use the white, blue and red assets in the back right corner, since I think they are the closest to matching the intended style of the project.

The final shot- the colours were adjusted, animated character model imported

Next order of business was the cathedral layout

This was the rough blockout for the cathedral completed in Unreal engine. Next I had to try and find assets

This was the church window asset I went with for the project going forward

Replacement of assets in the blockout+ material application. It was very difficult to find assets for this scene, and it was also, quite boring, since it was very repetitive.

Adjustments to the scale based off project lead feedback. This was approved for the final shot

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