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Glass frog

Glass frog

Mathieu Ygonin
by MathieuY on 29 Dec 2023

This is my second project in my second year at ESMA

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This is my second texturing/lighting project of my second year at ESMA. We had to model, sculpt, texture and light a small creature in a natural setting. I was inspired by glass frogs (more specifically Hyalinobatrachium). The project can still be improved, in particular by doing some close-ups.

Here's the progress of the frog's sculpting and texturing work.

I used sculpting software (autodesk mudbox) for the first time. I painted the colours directly on my 3d model.

I then worked on the inside of my frog as it is transparent. The organs, bones and veins had to be modelled and textured. I want to keep adding elements to really recreate the interior in an anatomically accurate way.    

For greater realism and complexity, I decided to make a second creature. A beetle larva. So in a short space of time I went through each stage of the process to obtain a realistic larva to add to the environment.   

To finish, of course, I created an environment, with my frog moving along a mossy branch. I experimented and discovered several techniques for making moss. Which was a challenge. I then added a few elements such as plants, mushrooms... 

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