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UFO After Effects Composition

UFO After Effects Composition

by brigettea1234 on 24 Dec 2023

This project was composed in Adobe After Effects over the course of 12 weeks as a uni project. My team consisted of myself and one other student, Lin, where we worked together to create a short composited shot of a UFO in a storm. The story behind our shot is that there is a UFO abducting people around the world and i

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I was responsible for the colour grading of the UFO, graphics on the buildings, rain particles on the UFO, lightning and took sound effects from Pixabay and mixed them in Adobe Premiere Pro.

I used the lightning effect in After Effects and adjusted the effect properties to create the strikes. I then created some clouds with a noise effect and added purple colouring and glow to emphasize the origin of the strike.

I designed the graphics on the buildings to reflect a futuristic style as our scene was set in the 3000s.

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