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Kini-Uru - The Extra Mile Companion Challenge

Kini-Uru - The Extra Mile Companion Challenge

by hunainayaz on 22 Dec 2023

This project was a lot of fun to do for me, the amazing thing was I started late, only had a week to finish this character, and when I started, I did not even know what I would be making. I was super happy with what i got done within the short amount of time I had, I learned a ton from this as well.

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KiniUru - Primate Inscetoid from Innitti Planet


Character Information


Name: KiniUru

Nickname: Kinu

Height: 1.6m / 5'3"

Creature Description


KiniUru is a primate insectoid creature that has no eyes. His species are very good at protection and multi tasking. Him having no eyes, the non verbal communication between the 2 is not a problem as Kinu cant see Kudu's face.

As a creature they use ultrasound to map out the detailed area, just like the bats, but 10x as they get detailed mapping of their surroundings, helping him figure out under the surface breakages and problems in the ships he helps fix with Kudu.

As a species they are mostly tasked as private security, but as Kinu is very keen to learn new skills and his curiosity lead him to befriending Kudu and travelling the space with him, He is not just a student of Kudu but also a good companion as they have spent most of their adulthood together.

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