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Stylized dragon

Stylized dragon

Matteo Llorens
by MatteoLlorens on 21 Dec 2023

I was lucky enough to be able to help the group on the film "Spurs out" from ESMA Toulouse, where I took care of all the dragons in terms of sculpting, texturing, shading and lookdev in a USD pipeline.

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Final dragon turntable animated for "Spurs out" movie

Here are a few shots from the film featuring the dragon

Here's a quick breakdown of how I worked as a Lookdev artist on a USD pipeline

It was a first for me to work on Solaris/Renderman, and I was really happy to be able to practice this brand new lookdev mode, which taught me a lot about cleanliness and organization on a project.
The magniability of settings and scenes was very natural, and I was able to adapt to the group's pipeline to release a man asset as quickly as possible.

Nodal set up in Solaris and the shader tree and organization of the differents materials

Main references for the creation of the dragon asset

I'd like to thank the whole group for the great working atmosphere despite the rush at the end of production, and I hope they enjoyed working with me during these 4 months of production !!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my post and thanks again to the whole group, the film will be available on the ESMA youtube channel in about 1 year's time.

Credit :

- Modeling of the dragon by Nicolas Tran
- USD Pipeline and FX by Raphael Gimard
- Animation and cam by Lola Charuel (animated seq 1 and 2) and Salome Blasco (animated seq 3)
- Rigging by Theo Murat (available for a job)
- Compositing by Alix Saintouil (seq 2 and 3) and Guillaume Durand (seq 1 and 2) (available for a job)
- Canyon lighting by Thomas Sudre (available for a job)
- Grooming and setdress by Salma Rachidi (available for a job)

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