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The Subject

The Subject

Kit Woodburn
by Kitwoodburn on 21 Dec 2023

This collaborative project done with Shirley Ding is 1/3 of a comic for a second year university assignment at JMC Academy.

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Comic Project - 11 Pages

Our Lab II project, “The Subject” is the first 1/3rd of a comic, that has been fully lined and coloured, designed with a standard comic-size print in mind. The comic follows a scientist and assistant as they attempt to create a cure for a life-ending disease that has taken over their world. The tasks to complete were divided and shared, allowing for input between us during the process – including storywriting, character and environment design, clean-up, linework, colour, text, and cover art. 

My main roles in this project was art director, character designer, clean up artist, and flat/ shaded colours, as well as finishing off the final touches before publishing. Shirley Ding focused on story writing, storyboarding, line art and colours.




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