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AKM - Modular Skeleton

AKM - Modular Skeleton

Dan Jurca
by artbyflo on 14 Dec 2023

Custom AKM with mostly skeletonized parts that I liked.

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AKM with customizable parts I liked. Each part has it's own texture set which may not be ideal for true "game ready" but that's what I decided due to it being a more modular project. Still a lot more to learn but I am pretty satisfied with this project.

In total there is 9 Texture Sets (Gun, Magazine, Red Dot, Stock, Pistol Grip, Front Grip, Flashlight, Handguard, Cable/Tape)

I also didn't wanna restrict myself too much with tris count so the gun (with custom grip and stock and rails) is 52k tris. Other parts are not  optimized in terms of polycount.

On the first picture I also used a Suppressor Wrap which I did not create myself. Credit to Renaud Biron.
Ground scans by Ian Hubert.

Gloves by DJMaesen.

Open for feedback and critiques!

List of weapon parts & decals:

Midwest Industries 2-Piece Handguard

NDZ Valkyrie Pistol Grip

U-13 CNC Aluminium Skeleton Grip

DoubleStar AKFX-S AK Skeleton Stock

DoubleStar Stock Adapter (non folding)

SureFire Warcomp AK-47 Flash Hider

TSS Charging Handle

FIRECLUB Picatinny Mount

Trijicon MRO Red Dot

FL70 1000 Lumen

Wadsn Pressure Pad Switch

Custom Receiver with trigger

Xtech Tactical 30 Round Mag

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