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Miguel Angel Mendi Acevedo
by MrMiguelico on 17 Dec 2023

Defend the base from waves of tanks.

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This project is a survival game in which we are a tank that must survive waves of enemies by protecting the base for as long as possible while collecting upgrades.

The gameplay

You must move and aim with the mouse to direct the tank and defend the base. As the waves arrive, different supply boxes will appear with upgrades for the tank or life packs for the base. These packages will sometimes spawn close to the base but most of them a little far away so you will have to choose between losing some life and getting upgrades or not doing so and quickly finishing off the enemies.

Your character

As a character you will have several statistics such as movement speed, turning speed, rate of fire, damage and range of your bullets. All of these can be improved with the aforementioned supplies.

The enemies

Enemies have movement speed, shooting distance, damage and rate of fire. Depending on the type of enemy, these will vary and present different difficulties for the player.

Basic enemy

The first is the most balanced and will attack at a medium distance with a standard cadence and damage.

Short range

The second ones will be the fastest to arrive and shoot with high damage but a very limited amount of life.


These are the slowest to arrive and shoot in addition to being the ones that shoot from the furthest but have a high amount of life as well as their firing rate.

Supply Packs

As mentioned before, we will find different supply packages that will improve different attributes of our tank or recover the life of the base.

How does it work


The player will at all times have control of the direction of the tank forward and backward and at the same time control of the rotation to the sides to move the tank. Also using the mouse you can independently move the place where the tank is pointing. 


All enemies use A* Pathfindin. Along with its own script to start shooting once they are at a certain distance and every x time depending on their cadence. Credits:


Both tanks and supplies are generated at different points following a waiting time and choosing one of the possible objects or versions of enemies.

The tanks are located at the furthest points from the base to give the player time to defend themselves between the arrival of new ones while the supplies are placed at a medium distance between the enemy spawn area and the base.

This project belongs to {MR.RY} Studio

And to its creator Mr.Miguelico

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