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The Iconic 80's

The Iconic 80's

Peter Sabadotto
by PeterSabadotto on 12 Dec 2023

Is my personal project at skyup academy representing the unmistakable Sony Walkman WM-D6 with its headphones and the nostalgic tape casette.

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This project helped me improve my skills in hardsurface modelling, texturing, shading and lighting implementing in my workflow softwares such as Substance 3D Painter and Autodesk Maya.

Let's start from the Reference

First I researched all the components of my scene and organized everything with Pureref. I tried to pay a lot attention to the technical drawings of the different parts, the measurements and the material technologies of that years. This extremely helped the modelling and the texturing phase.

Givin' it a shape

Once I had all the informations in hand, I started givin' it a shape with a quick block out trying to match the volumes with the camera. Then the deep modelling started taking each single element on it's own, completing the model for each piece and recomposed the scene It was time for the UV's. All the process was done with Maya.

Let's see it: 


Ended the modelling phase it was time for the texturing phase.
All the process was done looking costantly at the references, trying to reach the most realistic behavior of the different materials. All the texturing work has been done with Substance Painter 3D.

Let's have a quick look:


To finish the project I studied the lighting mood from the reference, played with a simple 2 lights set composed of a neutral HDRI and a directioned key light from the top. In order to recreate that vintage look I post-processed the renderings and added a soft yellow filter.

Here's the steps:


To sum up let's have a closer look to the different stages of this project:


Before the final deadline I also have been able to reinterpret the scene in newer forms , givin it a new age look. 

I like to call them "Doodles"

The Sony Walkman WM-D6 has been an icon of the 80's, it helped several generations listening to their loved tracks, having the integrated recording engine, but also the nascent figure of the amateur producer, being a cheap technology affordable to almost everyone.

Beyond being an Icon for the world that unfortunately I haven't been able to experience and use, It has been also an Icon for my artistical path in the world of 3D, helping me to break down my own limits and to push forward my skills.

Hope you liked it, thanks for watching.

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