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by Arisfox on 8 Dec 2023

A dreamy morning in the Khmer Palace has a sinister forewarning before real peril starts.

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As part of a solo art project for DigiPen Institute of Technology, I decided to create a modular 3D environment of an ancient fantasy palace where Khmer and Western architecture was its main inspiration. This project spanned 14 weeks along side 3 other classes I was actively tackling.

My main objective for this project was to create a game ready modular kit will evolving my Substance Designer abilities. Overall, I got a lot more out of this project as I got to have a deeper look into creating foliage as well as lighting and rendering.

The modular kit was made with the intention to snap each piece perfectly along a grid in the power of 2. Base textures were created in Substance 3D Designer.

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