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Cafe Henri NYC - 3D Photorealistic Modeling

Cafe Henri NYC - 3D Photorealistic Modeling

Adriana Infante
by adriana02 on 7 Dec 2023

I want to share with you my new photorealistic modeling project created at SkyUp Academy! I had the opportunity to experiment with new working techniques and test my skills.

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Render bag without Texture

1 Step: Reference study

Before starting the modeling, it was fundamental to search for images that would provide me with information on the model, the material and details.

2 Step: Modeling from blocking to def

After studying the references, I started to set the camera so that the perspective corresponded perfectly to my ref, then starting to set the volumes, until I obtained the def of the model.

3 Step: UV and Texturing

To proceed with the project, it was necessary to do the uv and import the model into Substance Painter. It was my first approach to Substance Painter and I really enjoyed putting my skills to the test.

Final project

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