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Mayhem in The Garage

Mayhem in The Garage

by Phoerens and tlalloue on 8 Dec 2023

Quick 3 week project done at Creative Seeds to learn tracking and 3D integration. Inspired by the movie Minuscule. Ladybug's modelling : Léandro Leijnen. Riging : Charlotte Dugas. Animation: Youenn Bourdel. Thanks to Jean-Michel Bihorel and my friends for their help and feedbacks.

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Don't forget to put the sound on ;)

I'm really happy to share "Mayem in The Garage".

My very fisrt try of  tracking and 3D integration.

I filmed a workbench in my grandfather's garage and integrated ladybugs inspired by the movie Minuscule.


Ladybug + pencil turn

Props turn (with a little problem on the green oilcan i didn't see haha)


Hope you enjoy this little project as much as I enjoyed working on it!!

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