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 Wooden Sumo : Earthquake

Wooden Sumo : Earthquake

Kathleen Nicole Garay
by Losinek on 6 Dec 2023

Sumo : Earthquake for the 2023 Artstation Challenge Neotokyo

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I created Earthquake for the 2023 Artstation Challenge Neotokyo!

This was my first time handpainting and tackling a fully stylized character. I learned so much on this journey and I'm so grateful to everyone that offered me feedback and watched my progress. I genuinely am so happy I got it done cause I was juggling this with my actual work.

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Despite baking down my sculpt details, I only had to use a diffuse map. I used the baked details to create the color base on Substance Painter and continued handpainting in 3DCoat.


Check out my full process here: Neotokyo 2023 - Sumo:Earthquake

Check out the original concept here: 新东京 三灾 Neo Tokyo: Exponential Reality

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