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a memory of the 80s

a memory of the 80s

by GianlucaVicentini on 5 Dec 2023

project created during the masterclass at Skyup Academy

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This is the first modeling, texturing and post production project assigned to me during the Master in CG at Skyup Academy.

this is the concept that was assigned to me
initially I matched the camera with the reference
continuing with the modeling of the various assets, the biggest challenge for me was finding the right proportion of the objects
Here I made the first test renders
the next step was UV
for UV I used the Ryzom software, which I found extremely intuitive
For the textures I used substance painter, in which I worked on the base color, adding metalness, roughness and height, to create realistic materials
I conclude by thanking the skyup academy who guided me in this project and taught me a lot.

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