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Théo Bérail
by TheoBerail on 16 Jan 2024

A compositing project in which we made a post-apocalyptic montage with Affinity Photo, and then re-assembled it in Nuke and animated it.

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Nuke X, Affinity Photo, Hitfilm Express, Audacity

This is a compositing project in which we made a post-apocalyptic photomontage on Affinity Photo, and animated it on Nuke X.

I used a lot of images from Wikimedia Commons for the photomontage. For the animated version, I used videos I filmed myself at high school. I also went in Toulouse to film the wall.

Original Image

Photograph by FrDr on Wikimedia Commons

Inputs :

Whale :

Sky :

Lightnings :

Aurora borealis :

Gasoline :

Pollution :

Rocks :

Land :

Music and sound FX

The music used in the video is from the soundtrack of the movie Acide. This movie was a major inspiration for this project.

The sound effects are a mix of personnal recordings and an audio file from Wikimedia Commons I edited on Audacity.

Thank You for watching !

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