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LookDev_ Assets Documentation

LookDev_ Assets Documentation

Adam Peter Fakla
by AdamFakla on 4 Dec 2023

Mushroom and Pinecone models asset documentation and progress from Look Development course in Futuregames. In collaboration with Permafrost Studio. Assets and final look:

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Mushrooms were made out of the standard cylinders which provided me with a simple UV.

Added vines for a more stylized look.

Small mushrooms variations.

At first were done with a simple rig but for simplicity were replaced with manual adjustments.

Emissive texture under the cap for a bioluminescent forest aesthetic the project went for.

Final look in Unreal Engine 5.

Pinecone has been a interesting experiment. First idea was to use the Blender hair particle system and remeshing said instances.

This yielded models with too much polygons and hard to manipulate details.

Remeshing a different combination also had issues.

Therefore I simplified and made all the seeds manually.

Smooth edges did not look pleasing. Settled on bevelling the tips of the seed instead and keeping the edges closer to the centre hard.

Final look in Unreal Engine 5.

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