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Alvaro RR Portfolio

Alvaro RR Portfolio

by alvarorr on 31 May 2019

Collection of my Personal work.

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Year 2450, the robots managed to reach life after death, but for this, the robots need their human master to give their own life so that together they can go to paradise. This is the story of a lonely robot tired of his monotonous life, he decides to end it, but first he needs to take a human life.

I designed two keyframes that show two specific moments, the first one, when the robot goes to a brothel to choose its victim and the second one, when he is trying to kill the woman and commit suicide. All this with the tension of the police that trying to avoid the tragedy.


In the environment designs, I would not like to get too far away from the architecture of these times, but at the same time the environment would showed a futuristic essence. For this, I used as a reference architect that have a futuristic style, for example Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry.

On the other hand, the main character was designed with an almost human appearance since suicide is a human condition and not a machine condition. Therefore, the character appearance, his promotions and clothes are close as possible to the human, nevertheless, he still looks like a machine.

The second step, I modeled a 3D base to help me make a better and faster decision based on my previous sketches to reach final the keyframe composition.

Finally I used photobashing to finish the keyframe render.


First I do many sketches. When the design is decided, I create a 3D layout exploring with different textures, finally I do overpaint using photobash in photoshop.





For 2D desings sometimes I use 3D layout to accelerate the creation process.


Baby teeth is the story of Josue, a little child with a big imagination. One day, Josue’s baby teeth start to fall out and he freaks out when his grandad forgets to put in his dentures and gives the boy a goodnight kiss. When Josue sees grandad’s gums without teeth, it triggers a series of nightmarish events guided by Josue’s fears of losing all his teeth, until his grandad finds him and reveals a hidden treasure.

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