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Théo Bérail
by TheoBerail on 29 Dec 2023

A rigging project in which we modeled and rigged a vehicle with a mechanical arm.

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ESMA 2023
Autodesk Maya, Affinity Photo, Gimp

This is the first rigging project of my second year at ESMA. We were asked to chose or imagine a vehicle of our choice, rig all its accessories but also add a mechanical arm and rig it with joints and an IK Handle.

I chose to recreate the Taxi Peugeot 406 from the Taxi saga, which I've always been a huge fan of. It was a real challenge as, in the movie, the car transforms itself.

The texturing was made on Affinity Photo and Gimp.


The modeling of the base car is mostly based upon the blueprints below (Source : GetOutlines). I used photos from the movies Taxi 2 and 3 for the tuning modeling.

Mechanical arm references

The arm is a mix of two references, but some others of similar models were used to fill the gaps.

Left : ELEX 81A (Source : Wikimedia Commons)
Right : Travibenne FR ( Source : ArchiExpo)

Thank You for watching !

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