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Luo Zixin - The New Son

Luo Zixin - The New Son

Youssef Farah
by yosfarah on 28 Nov 2023

I’m very glad to finally show you my first ever 3D project, made during the first month of lessons at SkyUp Academy , where I learnt how to design a character and how to use Zbrush for sculpting and modeling a character from scratch. Render and lighting with V-Ray

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Background story

A monk guarded a special monastery located on a small island in the middle of a lake,

famous for hosting turtles, and strangely, sea turtles.

One day, upon awakening, he found one of these sea turtles on the doorstep, near death,

and decided to care for it until its last breath.

The next day, he decided to separate the turtle from its shell because, according to his

alchemical belief, grinding and ingesting a turtle's shell was one way to achieve immortality.

Some days after ingesting it, he woke up transformed into a turtle, except for his torso.

Besides the physical changes, he noticed that he could see benevolent spirits wandering

in the earthly world and even "hear" the breath of demons from a considerable distance.

One night, a yokai materialized at the foot of his bed, luring him outside of the monastery

and forging two ethereal swords from the souls of the people who died in the lake,

lured by the demons that wanted to devour their flesh.

"One sword killed them, and the other sealed them.", he said then.

This yokai then handed him the two katanas, warning him that a demon was coming to destroy

the monastery and absorb the remaining souls from the lake's waters. On the day of the battle,

after a three-day struggle, the monk managed to defeat the demon, but at the cost of the monastery,

which was razed to the ground in the fight.

Therefore, with no home left, the monk decided to wander the world in search of more powerful

demons to eliminate them and restore the balance between good and evil in the world.

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