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Ody Frank
by OD3DArt on 26 Nov 2023

The remaster (2023) of an original concept titled "Ark Satan" (2013). Both were modelled and rendered using Blender. The original design can be seen in Image 4.

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Image 1: My favourite render of this concept, made with Blender. I used a glass texture overlayed on a metallic texture to create the look seen on the red part of the design.

Image 2: An alternate render using volume scatter on a cube to create a radiant affect around the scene.

Image 3: A render of the design but with a more glossy red material rather than metallic seen in the previous renders. I made the decision to go for the metallic material because it better represents the original render.

Image 4: This is the original render for the concept titled "Ark Satan". Designed in the earliest days of my blender journey (2017).

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